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Our Philosophy

La Belle Vie literally means 'The Good Life' or 'The Beautiful Life.'  We want to help that transcend from your massage into your mental & physical well-being and onto the rest of your life.


Therapeutic massage promotes natural healing and has many benefits such as:

          • Reduces Stress                    • Decreases Anxiety                   • Alleviates Headaches

          • Increases Circulation         • Relieves Arthritis Pain             • Decreases Muscle Tension

          • Reduces Fatigue                 • Increases Energy                     • Alleviates Chronic Pain

          • Increases Flexibility            • And More

Massage is more than a luxury, it's taking care of yourself- mind & body, and should be considered part of your health care routine so that you really can live the good life!

Sara Dlubac, LMT

I'm a licensed massage therapist in the state of NH and completed my education in 2012 at North Eastern Institute of Whole Health located here in Manchester.

I started La Belle Vie shortly after receiving my certification with one goal in mind - helping others be in less pain and discomfort.

I genuinely care about each person that walks through my door and my goal is to see you well.  If I cannot help you or your condition is beyond my scope of practice, I will refer you to another healthcare professional who can.

NH Lic# 3958

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